Provision Hacks is a student-led hackathon, lasting for 192 hours of development! Provision Hacks is all about gathering students from around the world and giving them an opportunity to build prototypes and to provide many learning opportunities for the attendees. There are many modern problems today that require modern solutions, and so the attendees will get the opportunity to form teams, learn, create, test, and present a solution targeted towards solving worldwide issues. Ranging from Covid-19 to mental health and business issues, you are free to make anything your desire. Provision Hacks would love to provide help and support for the projects being developed and as always, look forward to having fun! Please make sure that you have signed up, checked our schedule, and checking your email!


Age: 9-18

Citizenship: Nothing required

Location: Virtual

Team Size: Up to 4 participants per team

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$5,846 in prizes

Hyperx Cloud 2 Red Gaming headsets

Each headset is worth $100 and the first place team will each receive one. The teams can be 1 - 4 people.

Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro. (6)

Each individual from top teams of 1-10 will individually receive subscription from wolfram that is worth up to $375.

Sticker Mule

Each member of the second place team will receive $50 of sticker mule.

Amazon giftcards

Each member of the second place team will each receive a $25 amazon gift card.

Sublime Text Licenses

Each member of the third place team will receive one Sublime Text License.

Magoosh Subscription

Each member of the third place team will receive a magoosh subscription that is worth $129.

AOPS coupons

The beginner hack team will each individually receive a $25 coupon for AoPS.

Digital Ocean

Best Business Potential team will receive $100 each for Digital Ocean.

Angela Sun consulting Gift Certificate

Each member of the best Business Potential team will receive a voucher that is worth $250 each.

Amazon giftcards

Each member of the best medical hack will receive a $20 amazon giftcard.

Ed Tech Bundle

4x Ed-tech Bundles will be given to the winning team under the Medical Hacks Category. Each individual on the winning team will receive an Ed-tech bundle.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Shivam Goyal

Shivam Goyal
Product Manager at Gartner

Ayaan Jalal

Ayaan Jalal
Software Engineer at CareerBuilder


Sai Bharath Vemulla

Sai Bharath Vemulla
Sr Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs

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